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What is Cool Ticket and why should you use it?

Watch these short videos to see what possibilities Cool Ticket brings to you.

Cinema and theater tickets are delivered within a minute. You don't have to stand the line to the ticket office and your tickets are insured against loss.

We regularly publish interesting coupons right within the app - free gifts that can be redeemed at many venues.

Download valid coupons and tickets at home via wi-fi. You don't need internet connection when redeeming at a venue.

Every week, we prepare contests for free cinema tickets.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Should I somehow register?

No. You don’t have any user account, logging in through Facebook etc. to use a ticket or a coupon with Cool Ticket. Some functions may require your e-mail address. The application will notify you of it.

What should I do after downloading a coupon?

The color of its stub will tell you:

A coupon with a light green stub can be used immediately in the respective shop.

If there is a blue button instead of a stub, tap on it to choose a specific shop. Then you will obtain a valid coupon. To choose the shop you need to be online, e.g. through a Wi-Fi connection.

I have a coupon/ticket code, where should I enter it?

Download Cool Ticket from your store (Google Play or AppStore). Launch it and tap on the upper right button (an icon with tickets), enter the code and confirm.

Do I have to fill in my e-mail address?

You don’t if you don’t want to. If you do, however, you will get access to some features:

  • taking part in competitions
  • automatic delivery of the tickets you buy
  • getting our help with the tickets you accidentally delete
  • buying (currently offered) discounted coupons and tickets

Where can I see the competition results?

If you win, we will send you a message to the registered e-mail address. We publish the winners list on our Facebook page.

I don’t have a data tariff...

It’s OK. Download the coupons or tickets to your phone while you have a Wi-Fi connection (at home, in a café...). When you arrive in the establishment, you’ll be able to use them offline.

I don’t have a smartphone...

Unfortunately, it won’t work without a smartphone. If a friend of yours has a smartphone, you can go together. If only one of you shows the ticket on the phone, it will be enough. That mostly won’t be enough in case of a coupon though, as a coupon download is usually restricted to one piece of a kind per one mobile device.

The ticket I bought didn’t arrive, what should I do?

To receive tickets automatically, please do the following: in the application settings register your e-mail address, fill in the same address when buying tickets (in the e-shop of a cinema, theater etc.) and choose Cool Ticket as a delivery method. If you did the above and still didn’t receive the ticket, please contact our support, we will help you.

I accidentally invalidated the ticket, will you help me?

We can restore your ticket if there is enough time before the start of the event. Open the invalidated ticket in the Cool Ticket app and tap on the button “Help” in the bottom. If you accidentally invalidate your ticket, say, on the opening day of a festival or 5 minutes before the movie starts, it may be a problem, but you can still try.

I accidentally deleted the coupon, can I get a new one?

Try to contact our support: send us an e-mail or a message on Facebook and write the e-mail address registered in the application. If there are available coupons still left, we will send you a new one.

I didn’t manage to use the coupon and it expired...

Some coupons can be obtained again after expiration. Check out the Store in the Cool Ticket application. If the coupon you are interested in is still available, you can download it again. If it’s not, we are sorry, but it is not possible to get another one.

I have a new phone, my coupons are gone, what should I do?

If you had an e-mail address registered in the Cool Ticket application on the old phone, we can help you. Install Cool Ticket on your new phone, register the same e-mail address and contact our support. We will restore your valid coupons and tickets.

The staff had problems with Cool Ticket...

Please let us know about any problem you encounter when using your coupons. It is very important for us that you are always at ease with Cool Ticket and the staff is helpful to you. If you don’t get exactly what is on the coupon, we will make it up to you. Thank you.

I want to send a coupon to a friend, but it fails...

Permission to send some types of coupons can be turned off by the issuer, the owner of the coupons. If your friend didn’t yet download their own coupon and the coupons are still available, they can install Cool Ticket and do so.

I discovered a glitch...

Oops! We are very sorry... Please, let us know on Facebook or by e-mail. A detailed description of the problem and a screenshot would be of great help. Thank you.

Is the application free?

Yes, you can download and use the application completely free of charge. Most of the coupons obtainable through Cool Ticket are also free. We are working on a discounted coupon-purchasing feature and the application will always notify you of it.

Are there any other fees?

Sometimes using the coupon requires making of some (mostly a token) payment or a purchase (e.g. a drink for CZK 1, 1+1 free pizza etc.). You also pay to event organizers, movie theaters etc. for the tickets you receive through Cool Ticket. Sometimes there might be a small charge for sending the ticket to the Cool Ticket app. We are trying to compensate you for it with the handy app, anti-theft security for tickets and by offering free coupons.

Why don’t you offer any coupons in our city?

We’ll be glad to expand our campaigns into your city. If you have a favourite bar, restaurant or café, tell them about Cool Ticket and the possibilities we offer to our clients. The same applies for theaters and cinemas. If you manage to agree on a deal or ticket acceptance, you’ll be rewarded accordingly.

Can you add a functionality into Cool Ticket app?

Please, write us. We’re happy for all the feedback and we listen to our users very carefully. If more of you will ask us for the same function, there is a big chance we’ll make it into some future version of the app.

Why does Cool Ticket want to know my current location?

Some of kinds of coupons and competitions can only be intended for a particular country or city. Some coupons and tickets require the location to be used. All information about the user’s location are strictly protected and we use them only to improve and show relevant offers in the app and statistics of the coupon use. Without the permission to know your current location, some menus or functions in Cool Ticket may be unavailable.

Does Cool Ticket track my contacts, calls and messages?

No. Cool Ticket does not track this information in any way and does not have access to it. The permissions asked for during its installation or after launch are required for safe delivery and storage of coupons and tickets, and in order to show relevant offers and gather statistics on the validated tickets.

Why should I install the app to use the ticket I bought?

Our digital ticket is a patented technology that eliminates the need for equipment on the side of the event organizer. Standard e-tickets contain a bar code and require ushers to check tickets using special readers. Cool Ticket is free from this technical inconvenience, but you will need to use our free app for tickets. This way we eased the event organizers and we are trying to sweeten the application with gift coupons and competitions for our users.

What phone do I need to use Cool Ticket?

We support iOS 9 and newer (iPhone 4S and newer), phones with Android OS 4.4 and newer. Some coupons require Bluetooth 4.0, which is available on on iPhone 4S and newer and Android 4.4. and newer. Windows Phone is not supported.