Contests rules in Cool Ticket and related info

  1. In Cool Ticket mobile app, we present polls, quizzes, questionnaires, a feedback requests (furthermore just Contests).
  2. Displaying of Contests to the users is selective and personalized.
  3. The ordering subject is stated directly in the Cool Ticket application (tap the round "i" button at the Contest).
  4. Contests are technically and procedurally provided by Cool Ticketing s.r.o. (Organizer).
  5. User can take part in selected Contest by sending a Contest Answer via provided means of the Cool Ticket application and providing his or her e-mail address.
  6. After the end date of a Contest, the Organizer selects randomly from obtained Contest Answers. The winner can be announced on Facebook and informed by e-mail.
  7. By submitting the Contest Answer, the user acknowledges and agrees that his or her e-mail address will be processed for marketing purposes of the parties, that order the contest or provide technical and procedural arrangements of the contest. By marketing purposes we mean namely offering products and services, notifying about marketing events and sending commercial offers using electronic means according to the Czech law no. 480/2004 Sb., for a non-specified period, i.e. until a request for removal.
  8. The prizes are not legally recoverable. The ordering party or the Organizer can solely on its own decision stop the Contest without any further proceedings.
  9. The Apple company is not a sponsor of any of the Contests.