Barcode less tickets?

In 2011, I suggested to the local event organizer in the Czech Republic, to help him solve the distribution of tickets so that they could be delivered over the Internet. Simply, cheap and easy way to buy a ticket which increases the chances of sales. The first draft did not succeed; offering a simple distribution of five-digit code. I heard:

"That's not the point. Try to stand at the entrance and valided 500 codes manually. After the 30th ticket you won't  know what you're doing. Furthermore, I guarantee that one visitor in hundred will try to copy/falsify the code from a friend to get in for free. And addressing this situation will linger others. Moreover, it is not good for our image. Dozens of people in line to see how we refuse a visitor with an event code."
Solution are neither bar-code readers. The risk of copying the bar-code is the same and there is no one who would secure this technique and be responsible for 100% of its functionality. What will happen when the reader stops working? To let all people with a bar-code enter in belief they purchased a valid ticket? To have to list with valid codes at every event in case the reader stops working? It maybe not be so essential, but a director of an event-agency, where the budget for a single event accounts for thousands USD, will simply not accept such operational risks. On the other hand, from the economical side, he isn't willing to pay a professional ticketing agency which performs ticket-checks using bar-code scanners as a turnkey service.
Finally, we produced Cool Ticket. Simply put, we converted traditional paper tickets, which we all accustomed to, into the visitor's smartphone. The customer does not have a ticket in his wallet, but in the application on his phone. It is an active ticket that with two steps on the phone display is validated. Same as a ripped ticket stub of a traditional ticket. The customer does not have to go anywhere to purchase a ticket, the ticket inspector checks Cool Ticket same way as a standard ticket. He is familiar with the safety features which are checked with a look. An event-visitor with a Cool Ticket holds on to his phone and only is asked to validate the ticket himself. How it works:
In 2012, event organizers told us that it is a good idea, but it will be so useful in three years time, when the usage of smart phones increases. Already in 2013 no one made this claim and today virtually no other phones can be purchased. References and new customers are constantly increasing, we have the desire to make a break through in the world with this technology. We decided to specialize purely on the ticket and its properties. If we won't be the direct sellers of tickets, other ticket retailers won't be our competitors, but our potential customers. Production and distribution of tickets is secured through our servers, so in the system where tickets are sold, simply add a new option for ticket delivery: Cool Ticket and once the order is paid, send us instructions, to produce and deliver the tickets. All this can be fully automated. Wish us luck and thank you for your interest in this article.

  • Barcode less tickets?

Published 03.01.2014


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