Known investors believe in our tickets, investing millions

A newspaper article was published today and also our press release on the entry of major investors to Below I present more interesting questions and answers that preceded the article and the press release.

How exactly is your system unique? Ticket sales over the phone it is a common practice nowadays.

Ticket sales is not our field, but on the contrary, anyone who sells tickets is our potential customer. Nowadays if an organizer is offering only traditional paper ticket, he has a reason for it. To him it is not effective to implement validation of tickets through barcode scanners or turnstiles. Our technology eliminates the dependency of bar codes, therefore  the introduction of e-tickets to the organizer does not require any technical requirements. The ticket is validated by a safety visual feature on the display.  The usher checks this feature with his eyes, same as a protective element on a traditional paper ticket. These innovative principles were patented by us in the summer of 2013. We entirely specialize on the type of active electronic tickets, which we call Cool Ticket. 

How would you describe the company's position in the market? Who are your biggest competitors? And how comparable are you to them? 

With the shown product strategy, we have created our own market. If you want an e e-shop to get to work, it is not efficient to develop an own payment system, but to integrate for example If you want to sell tickets and build your own customer database, effectively integrate our As a  competitive product Passbook from Apple can be defined. But even in this application the delivery happens in the form of QR codes and requires validation with the scanner. Experience also showed that reading the bar code from the phone's display is not stable and suitable for mass use. Displays gleam, have a  protective film, etc. So today we do not know about a similar product that is used for cultural events.

You entered the market since 2012. How does Cool Ticketing perform through its economic results? 

In 2012, we launched a pilot operation Cool Ticket in a few music clubs across  Czech Republic, in order to verify whether the new technology will work.  The reactions were excellent, so in 2013 we  further invested in the product and agreed partnerships with the top three reservation systems in Czech Republic and Slovakia. During 2013, we produced and distributed thousands of tickets and we have thousands of downloads of our mobile application. All profits are reinvest and in addition we got an investment for the purpose of global expansion.

On the website you mention that your competitive advantage is the promotion of events. What exactly do you mean? You emphasize the interconnection with social networks as well. What is its uniqueness? 

Applications with a ticket automatically gets the customer's attention. Gaining attention in the scope of promotion is the hardest. Thereafter it is sufficient to send the user a notification on the phone at the right time to evaluate the event. Cool Ticket offers ready-Facebook story of a kind "Zdeněk Novy is watching the Hobbit movie in the Golden Apple Cinema. And evaluated the movie with 80% through the application of Cool Ticket." For a publication the visitor only needs two clicks and a slide on his phone, but this report, actively interlinked to all of the mentioned objects, has a maximum effective power and impact on social networks. These stories also relate to the purchase, where you can easily share your joy of receiving the tickets.

What happens when your client discharges his phone and can no longer charge before the event. How do you resolve such situations? 

Our ticket delivery is insured against loss. They can not be stolen, you can not lose or forget them. Again, it is sufficient to use the opportunities of smart phones. At our headquarters, we have an overview of whether the ticket was sent out, received, used or voided in a particular device, and these states we can manage ourselves. We can cancel the ticket in one device and re-send them to another device. Customers have the option to send a request to the headquarters, which is quickly processed. Thanks to these principles the tickets then can be safely resold.  Thus should your phone discharge or brake, contact us via and we will send you the tickets again to another phone.

Do you fear falsification of tickets? What are your security measurements? 

The security of Cool Ticket is a story in itself.  The uniqueness lies within our courage and desire to grapple with the task of user's comfort vs. security. The more practice we have, the more uptake and clever safety features and lures against potential fraudsters we implement. Smart phone are offering plenty of options in this aspect. Touchscreen, gyroscope, data integrity check, etc., to help the inspector to detect that potential fraudster as well as the one who would come up with a fake traditional paper ticket. No, today we are not afraid of falsification.

  • Known investors believe in our tickets, investing millions

Published 27.01.2014


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