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Since the summer 2012 we are with our independent product strategy in conjunction with dozens of companies ranging from international ticketing companies, reservation systems, major event organizers, cinemas or successful bands. We are successful because we learn from the best in the market. I am not aware of any other company in Central Europe which has such insight and contacts. The magic lies in the fact that we are able to combine modern technology and routine practice. What are the trends and practices of the most successful?

Building customer database

One sold ticket, one of your customers. Do you know your customer? Do you have his email in the database? Do you know where he lives? Can you send a message to his phone? If tickets are sold the way when all these information are absent, it is a great pity and actually you will hardly realize any further described successful practices.
In getting serious contact it is not necessary to wait until the order. A magnet for contacts you can post directly on your website. It is necessary to find the thing the website visitor is willing to exchange for his contact. Examples:
  • Be the first one to be informed about the limited issuance of tickets for a discounted price.
  • Participation in the contest for free tickets.
  • Subscribe for the VIP club, which will be mailed unique information (videos, photos, interviews, closed events) that are not public.
  • Sending of poster / sticker for free.
For a full-featured customer's database, please do not consider the numbers of ´Likes´ on Facebook. Here you do not have a guarantee that the published report will ever reach your fan. Facebook is used by users for entertainment. If you publish something fun, you have a chance that the message will be shared by a lot of people. But I wouldnt compare it to the communication with your real customers.

Building relationships and trust

Be personal, build a relationship with fans and earn their trust. Show that you love your job same as a performer, you are paying. Give visitors the opportunity to get to know specific personalities who stand behind the cinema, events, festivals. People much easily connect with a person than a particular brand. For a movie the names of the actors are more important than the scenario. In a band the sympathy with specific personalities is far more important than the style they playing.

Measurability of event promotion

Successful organizers positively respond to the following questions:
  • Do your potential visitors use smartphones and internet?
  • Can you measure and evaluate the success of investment into promotion?
  • Do you project the results obtained into the strategy of new campaign?
  • Does the return continually improve on your investment?
Experienced organizers still can effectively invest in paper posters, radio, newspapers. The question thou is why undergo the risk when with the same result, and also clearly measurable, the means can be invested in email campaigns, video ads, articles in magazines or social networks. In an increasingly filled up market the traditional advertising cease to apply. Interest is best triggered through personalized recommendations.

Ticket sales long time ahead of the event

Sales strategy is the key. The decision to purchase helps the ticketprice for a limited time with the fact that the closer the date of the event, the more expensive the tickets get. On average, 2-3 tickets are sold  with each order, therefore, any discount when buying is multiplied and the resulting sum is not negligible for the buyer. Any objection that people are not interested to purchase tickets a few weeks before the event is odd. The uncertainty as to whether I will make it to the event is the same 20 weeks before the event as 2 weeks.

The advantages of such pre-sales are as following:

  • A visitor marks the event in the diary, and adjusts his plans accordingly. Competitive events on similar dates have bad luck, even if they come up with a better dramaturgy eventually.
  • The organizer gets an overview of the level of demand very soon. And may adjust investment into promotion and future ticket prices.  With the first issue of tickets is not necessary to publish prices for the following tickets.
  • Each ticket sold accelerates the sale of others. Customers share their plans among their friends, which is the best promotion. Early pre-sale provides sufficient space for this acceleration and to the synergic effects.

Wacken.com Festival launches ticket sales for the next year always one day after the end of the current one. In August 2013, the 2014 festival was sold out in two days. It was about 70,000 tickets, 130Euros per head. And if I go back to building relationships and trust, it is interesting to note that the organizers of this festival play in a band that always opens the festival ...

Sales of related goods

Successful organizers don’t profit of ticket-sales only, but of the ability to offer synergistic products. In addition to the snacks, marketing items such as shirts, hats, toys, posters or DVD are the main drivers. If you are able to send out information about new products to your customers, if you know the faithful ones and give them the shirt, if you simply can buy related products at the same time with the ticket, it will be an important part of your turnover.

Option to purchase tickets immediately

Arousing the customer’s emotion and desire to participate in the event, takes a lot of work and money. If such a sensation occurs at the customer, it must be immediately redirected to ticket sales and within three minutes to collect the money. If this option is not offered, you lose customers. Common negative examples:

  • If I plan to buy tickets on the day of the event, actually nothing happens when I don’t show up.
  • If I reserve tickets in my email, otherwise I don’t bound myself to actual purchase of the tickets.
  • If you order a ticket on delivery, I am not obliged to wait for the mailman or go to the post office.
  • Empirically, 40% of orders which have a way of bank transfer payment are not covered.

Offer therefore an opportunity for immediate purchase in the best appropriate time. Tickets can now be ordered and paid directly from the phone in a café-bar, restaurant, in evening from bed. From experience we know that this article will be read 50% via a smartphone or tablet. It is more convenient and easier.

The real ticket acquisition from your mobile can be tried out on our demo eshop. I am pleased that our Cool Ticket actively assists in all areas mentioned above. We attract customer’s attention more effectively than other channels and applications mainly because the ticket is a paid goods. And the key, providing access to a closed event. In addition to safety we add a new dimension of entertainment, content, services and appreciation for your purchase. Suddenly the ticket is not just a passive element. Cool Ticket passes on the atmosphere of the event before its launch and collects visitor’s impressions during and after the event.

We are available to further consult the above-mentioned topics tailored to your needs.

  • Specialists in the ticket sales and event promotion? You are right here!

Published 13.02.2014


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