We built a new market

Cool Ticket, a new powerful delivery method, is ready to bring added value to any ticket seller. Our references prove that our product is appreciated also by top ticketing companies. We are no ticket sellers, but every current ticket seller is our potential partner. This means that we also built a new market.

How comes that bands don't sell tickets on their own? The reason is that it is technically impossible nowadays because of existing ticket types. You can't send paper tickets worldwide and also, as a band, you are not able to consolidate and manage barcode readers hardware across the tour. But with a patent pending, the Cool Ticket technology makes this possible! We transferred conventional paper tickets to smartphones. No hardware, no papers, just simple and smart delivering and tickets checks. And why are famous bands interested in Cool Ticketing and their own ticket selling? There are some answers:

  1. They save fees they currently pay to ticketing companies.
  2. Each order in their e-shop brings creates new business.
  3. They sell more merchandising and goods.

Following screenshots show some real references:


Cool Ticket integrated at Colosseum.eu (Blink 128 at Tipsport Arena Prague)





Cool Ticket integrated at Cinemaware.eu



 Cool Ticket integrated at Wish-Event.com ticketing company


Cool Ticket integrated to the simple promoter’s order form

Delivery method options within an eshop



Contact us for our interface specification and description how to easily integrate Cool Ticket into your current system. Or check our demo e-shop. We are also integrated into open platforms so initial deployment costs could be free or very low.

  • We built a new market

Published 20.03.2014


Zdeněk Nový

Zdeněk Nový - Managing Director

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