Winners of the Microsoft Awards

Microsoft announced the winners of the 17th annual Microsoft Awards. This year, the jury composed of Microsoft representatives was choosing from more than a hundred nominees. Cool Ticket won the prestigious Microsoft Awards 2015 Finalist nomination in the category of Modern Applications on the Windows Platform.

Solution: Cool Ticket — unique electronic vouchers that eliminate the need for a barcode reader

Cool Ticket is a patent pending system for checking of electronic vouchers, which eliminates the need for a barcode reader. It is used in the market for issuing tickets to the cinema, theater and festivals or coupons for a drink in a restaurant, bar or a cafe. The issue is monitored and controlled online. The ticket is active in every step of its lifecycle in the user’s smartphone to display, for example, an invitation to evaluate the show two hours after the ticket invalidation. In many cinemas and music clubs, Cool Ticket is the only way for online ticket delivery. The vouchers can be used in combination with the ticket or separately for product sampling with a guarantee of 1 sample = 1 unique customer. This brings new opportunities for loyalty programs and building of customer databases. Integration into the operator’s system does not affect routine processes.

Customer reference:

“We have been using the Cool Ticket services since 2013. Its electronic ticket for smartphones works flawlessly! A moviegoer does not have to stand in line for a ticket, print anything or store the SMS code. Everything is in a simple and easy-to-use application. To support our sales, we used the Cool Ticket application to issue electronic sampling coupons for GAC customers. In December 2014, during a single campaign, 382 Maxi popcorns were handed out at the buffet through the Cool Ticket application. We are planning to continue the successful cooperation and we believe that even more customers will appreciate the potential of this technology, which will only grow further with time!”

Mgr. Michal GAJA
marketing director



From left side:

Filip Řehořík - Partner Business Evangelist, Microsoft ČR
Zdeněk Nový - Managing Director, Cool Ticketing
Biljana Weber – Country General Manager, Microsoft ČR
Alois Filip - Business Architect, Cool Ticketing
Milan Hrabovský – Head of Development, Microsoft ČR  



  • Winners of the Microsoft Awards

Published 16.04.2015


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