Press Release 1/2014 - Experienced investors join Cool Ticketing

Cool Ticketing s.r.o. that invented a new innovative way of distributing electronic tickets, is proud to announce the entry of new investors into the company. Important investors like Mr. Michael Rostock Poplar, Karel Obluk, Martin Kozumplík and Petr Kučera, broaden the existing leadership of the company, which has operated in the market since 2013.

Selling electronic tickets is a standard today. Cool Ticketing doesn´t try to compete with other e-shops, but to enrich them by extending to the smartphone platform. Thanks to patent pending technology there is no need for additional devices like bar-code readers as the staff checks the tickets, no need to print or deliver them. Transaction security and customer privacy protection is also very well resolved,“ says Karel Obluk, a specialist and investor in the information security field (AVG Technologies, CognitiveSecurity, StickyPassword).

Martin Kozumplík, who is engaged in many music projects besides the CYRRUS company, adds: „The founders of Cool Ticketing rapidly understood that a ticket to an event is not just a piece of paper or  a simple code, but that it can play other roles, for example in the promotion of the event.“

The new investors will contribute their experience from various fields and knowledge of the market. The invested capital will be used by Cool Ticketing s.r.o. primarily for international expansion and for the development of other mobile applications.

Zdeněk Nový, founder and representative of Cool Ticketing s.r.o. and former director of the production division at Unicorn Systems, says: „Everything is goings well. We are now successfully testing our new Cool Ticket 3.0 software and collaborations with sales representatives in Sao Paulo, New York and Amsterdam are under way.“


Cool Ticketing s.r.o. is engaged in the development of applications for production and distribution of electronic tickets. Its patent pending technology eliminates dependency on bar-code readers for ticket validation. It exploits the potential of smart phones for event promotion, so the promoter gains a competitive advantage against simultaneously organized events. Cool Ticket offers straight connection with social networks and effectively benefits from the new era of entertainment. Instead of just a passive event ticket located in the phone, there is a ticket that works actively with the customer. The key feature of the product isits ability to be simply integrated into any booking system or e-shop. It enables ticket agents to activate Cool Ticketing as a new delivery method right away and without any initial investment.

The biggest Czech concert promoter Pragokoncert and multiplex Golden Apple Cinema stand among Cool Ticketing´s references.

  • Press Release 1/2014 - Experienced investors join Cool Ticketing

Published 27.01.2014


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