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Key features

  • Patent pending digital voucher
  • No barcode readers
  • Easy to implement in your establishment
  • Efficient production and distribution
  • Protection against copying and black market
  • Remarketing and feedback
  • Online reporting and traffic monitoring


  • Modern digital tickets
  • Controlled sampling with feedback
  • Activation of gastro and retail trade customers
  • A complete digital solution for festivals
  • Brand building
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Our customers

Danone Heineken La Lorraine Plzeňský prazdroj Stock Svijany CineStar Budweiser Budvar Red Bull Pragokoncert Rock for People Makro UGO Fresh Pivovar Bernard Bageterie Boulevard T-Mobile Golden Apple Cinema Yogoterie Pekárna Kabát Kino Lucerna Fruitisimo Pernod Ricard Lobkowicz Star Century Cinemas Divadla pražská Minit R. Jelinek Brown-Forman


The work done by Cool Ticketing s.r.o. is professional and fulfils the set goals. I’m looking forward to our next cooperation.

Tomáš Volt
Marketing Director, CineStar

We have been using the Cool Ticket services since 2013. Their electronic ticket for smartphones works flawlessly! The moviegoers don’t have to stand in line at the ticket counter, they don’t need to print anything or store any SMS codes. Everything is in a simple and easy application. As a part of sales support, for GAC customers we also used the Cool Ticket application for electronic sampling of coupons. We are going to continue our successful cooperation and we believe that even more customers will appreciate the potential of this technology, which over time will only grow further!

Mgr. Michal Gaha
Marketing Director, GOLDEN APPLE CINEMA a.s.

We used the occasion of the opening party of the 50th Karlovy Vary IFF to invite the visitors to a free Finlandia cocktail. The condition was to share a post about this event on Facebook. Cool Ticket took care of the campaign and provided a precise technical solution with a sophisticated user experience. We’ll be happy to continue our cooperation.

Paulina Friedová
Finlandia Vodka Brand Manager, Brown-Forman Czechia

The campaign for IN LOCO Rybná was launched basically with a snap of a finger and everything went smoothly. I believe that the activated consumers will visit the restaurant again.

Petra Klangová
Trade Marketing Manager, Budějovický Budvar, n. p.

Pivovary Lobkowicz launched a campaign with Cool Ticket in December 2014. This was a pilot project to distribute discount coupons like 3+1 free beer. It was launched in thirteen restaurants in Prague and Brno. The aim was to verify the entrepreneurs’ response to this new technology. The reception was positive and the campaign implementation was seamless. We plan to continue our collaboration with Cool Ticketing s.r.o. and implement a full-fledged campaign.

Petr Měcháček
Marketing manager, Pivovary Lobkowicz, a.s.

We’ve got a great response to Cool Ticket from people as well as from promoters and bouncers – simple, fitting, without any problems.

Jarda Sládeček
Alfedus music - production, www.alfedusmusic.cz

It is very simple and fast. We had a good laugh with some people, because they also did it for the first time and with a new phone.

Tomáš Volovecký
Garage Club production, www.garageclub.cz

At the Rock for People festival, the visitors had the opportunity to use mobile application Cool Ticket for cashless purchases of drinks and other refreshment. The whole project has been successful and gained praise from both visitors and service staff. In the next year, we intend to use this service on much larger scale.

Michal Thomes

The www.slivovicesmedem.cz campaign, which was technically covered by Cool Ticket in 30 gastronomy operations in ČR, is considered successfull. We plan to follow up on it.

Ing. Irena Konečná
Marketing manager, RUDOLF JELÍNEK a.s.

People from Cool Ticketing were quick to realize that a ticket to an event is not just a piece of paper or a dry code, but it may play other roles, such as promoting the event.

Martin Kozumplík
Spark rock magazine, managing director, www.spark-rockmagazine.cz

We've been using Cool Ticket at our concerts since 2014. Entry check is smooth, elimination of barcode scanners is crucial for using on a tour.

Petr Kubáň
Manager, Arakain band

Cool Ticket is a working and modern coupon platform. Thank you for your cooperation so far and I’m looking forward to more.

Ondřej Brož
Country Manager CZ & SK, UGO fresh bars

Cool Ticket brings us added value; it works flawlessly as both a ticket and a coupon. We keep a special tab at the bar where we record the number of bottles handed over. Our cooperation continues.

David Beránek
Director, BIO | OKO

With Cool Ticket, we launched a campaign for our Sweet Chili Fast Snack. The customers could use this coupon during March 2015 at the BB Železná shop in Prague. The aim was to gain new customers thanks to the Cool Ticket database. Everything went smoothly without any technical problems. Afterwards, 80% of customers who came for the baguette rated its taste in the application poll as ‘excellent’.

Ing. Lucie Marková
Local Store Marketing Coordinator, Bageterie Boulevard

I recommend Cool Ticket, as everything is very simple and easy to use. Thanks to you we have noticed an increased influx of customers, and we’ll be happy to organize another event.

Tomáš Tvrdík
Starsky and Hutch

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The key features of the Cool Ticket platform

The Cool Ticket platform is based on the application for smartphones and a smart cloud. The cloud provides regulated emissions of digital vouchers and covers their entire life cycle, from emission to checking whether it was used.

Just delivered:

Čepovaný Excelent

Čepovaný Excelent

...this coupon included, we've already delivered:

13 168 207 tickets

In Cool Ticket, the patented digital voucher is protected by a number of visual and non-visual features preventing unauthorized copying.

Cool Ticket eliminates barcode readers and doesn’t require any hardware or printed lists on the operator’s side.

Tickets are delivered to the customer’s mobile phone instantly after purchase. For using the tickets or coupons, Internet connection is not necessary.

Thanks to Cool Ticket, tickets and coupons are non-transferable. This eliminates their abuse on the black market and guarantees 1 coupon per 1 customer.

The Cool Ticket users can be addressed repeatedly and asked for feedback using multilevel polls.

The customer gains access to an extranet with online overview of downloaded and used valuables.

How can you use Cool Ticket?

Within three years, people will spend the most of their online time in mobile applications. Cool Ticket will help with the acquisition of new customers, their regular activation and brand building. We can link the entertainment industry and the FMCG market. On average, our users visit the Cool Ticket application once a day.

Modern digital tickets

Modern digital tickets

A number of cinemas, theaters and other cultural or sports facilities use Cool Ticket as a way of delivering tickets. We provide a simple system interface (API), with which it is possible to easily integrate Cool Ticket to your online sales system. A digital ticket in a mobile phone is stylish, requires no barcode readers or lists on the operator’s side and doesn’t force customers to print out e-tickets from PDF. Digital tickets significantly reduce queues at ticket offices and at the entrance to events. For invalidation of the tickets, no Internet connection is required, that’s why Cool Ticket is also suitable in areas with weak signal or for users who do not have a mobile data plan. We provide full customer support in case of troubles and the tickets are thus insured against loss.

Controlled sampling with feedback

Controlled sampling with feedback

Introduce your new product or brand and to an interesting and responsible customer segment.

  • Using regulated emissions of digital coupons, you can ensure targeted contact with current or potential customers via Facebook, e-mail newsletter, your website, mobile app, etc.
  • The campaign can run simultaneously in dozens of establishments, with a guarantee of 1 coupon per 1 unique customer.
  • Thanks to extranet overviews, you can flexibly manage inventory and decide on the campaign parameters.
  • You can obtain structured feedback on your product with conversion amounting to tens of percent.
Activation of gastro and retail trade customers

Activation of gastro and retail trade customers

We’ll bring visitors and customers to your establishment with a mass digital campaign. A typical example is a welcome drink or a coupon campaign of the 1+1 free type. Everything is monitored 100% with a daily overview possibility. The coupons can be used only by smartphone users; the conditions of emission and obtaining coupons can be set transparently in advance.

A complete digital solution for festivals

A complete digital solution for festivals

Ticketing & Couponing & Cashless united in one place in Cool Ticket. Thanks to measurable sampling we will open new sponsorship positions for you. In festival environment we support a noncommercial atmosphere and choice. Campaigns and offers are carried out digitally and it is up to the visitors whether they want to watch them with their phones. The atmosphere of the festival is thus not affected in any way.

Brand building

Brand building

We offer valuable content to users. That’s why they keep coming back to us and use the app. This makes Cool Ticket an ideal environment for branding. Coupons, free movie tickets, quizzes, polls or feedback are great tools to present your qualities and values.

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